Exam Preparation

Exam Preparation

With increasing emphasis being placed on examinations and the competitive nature of school admissions processes, parents are finding it more challenging than ever to support their child through the key entry and exit points of the education system.

Whilst a child may have a secure understanding of the curriculum, parents can be surprised to find that their child’s exam results do not reflect their academic potential. The format and pressure of an exam can often leave children feeling unprepared, ultimately damaging their confidence.

Entrance Exams?

When preparing for 7+, 11+ or 13+, each school will adopt their own approach to entrance exams as a way of selecting the most appropriate students.

Exams can require multiple choice responses, be completed online or be in the traditional written format. This can make the admissions process and how best to prepare for each exam confusing.

It is essential however, that children have a secure understanding of exam technique and approaches alongside their curriculum knowledge in order to reach their school of choice.

How can we help?

At InTuition we understand the pressure that your child feels to perform. Our aim is to support your child through any upcoming exams, this could be entrance exams or end of term assessments.

  • Identifying specific areas of exams that are causing stress
  • Develop strategies to manage nerves and pressure
  • Understand the format of the questions and mark scheme
  • Adopt an appropriate pace
  • Build a base of effective strategies for revision

We want you and your child to be confident that their exam results will reflect their effort and be representative of their potential.

Exam preparation sessions can be booked on an individual basis or in blocks. From an initial assessment, recommendations can be made for how to best to approach exam preparation.

For support with curriculum content, please refer to one-to-one tutoring.

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