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My InTuition – The secret to getting ahead is getting started.
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The secret to getting ahead is getting started.

Our experienced and passionate tutors are available to guide your child to unleashing their true academic potential

Step-by-step, our tutors can enable your child to achieve their academic goals through education, experience and motivation.

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"I would highly recommend"

Ms. Pickard  worked with my 10 year old daughter for 5 months in 2018 to help her prepare for her 11 plus exams in Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.  She helped her with strategies and short cuts to improve on speed of answering questions and how to approach various types of exam paper.  What I liked is that Ms. Pickard understands the 11 plus preparation process and timelines as to when you should be consolidating concepts and when should you concentrate on doing papers.  She is very organised and always was prepared to challenge my daughter in a positive encouraging way.  In the end, my daughter got one academic scholarship for one school and got into her first choice of secondary school which was just named the top independent British secondary school of the year of 2020 in the Sunday Times. Thus, I would highly recommend Ms. Pickard as a tutor if you are looking for help for your child.
Suzy, Kingston

"detailed, targeted and well focused tutor sessions"

Camilla has a kind and gentle approach, which has engaged and motivated our daughter in the preparation for her 11+ entrance exams. Camilla’s understanding of the curriculum and her awareness of what is required in the different school entrance exams has been impressive and has enabled her to plan detailed, targeted and well focused tutor sessions. We have seen significant progress in our daughter’s ability and confidence and would not hesitate to recommend Camilla.
JM, East Molesey

One to One Tuition

Whilst parents will have the best intentions to teach and support their child, it can often be challenging to find the appropriate dynamic to facilitate such progress at home. Private tuition can offer families support and guidance as their child moves through the education system.

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Exam Preparation

Whatever age you are, exams can be stressful. At InTuition, we understand the pressure that young people are under to excel. We work on a one-to-one basis to not only prepare your child for their upcoming assessments, but to give them strategies and build resilience that will support them throughout their time in education.

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Understanding how your child is performing is the first step to supporting them throughout their time in education. As a parent, knowing the expectations or what your child should be achieving can be daunting. At InTuition, we conduct individual assessments across both maths and English which will provide you with an overview of their current attainment and suggest their next steps.

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Personalised Schemes of Work

A Personalised scheme of work stems from an initial assessment. The goal is to create a long-term plan based on the current level of your child’s attainment in focused areas of their learning. This can be to maintain the current level of attainment or push your child further to reaching their full potential.

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Online Classrooms

My-Intuition brings interactive and engaging learning to children from their homes. Our online sessions, for children aged 5 to 11, have been successful in providing expert tuition in maths, comprehension and creative writing. Screen Share during our online classes allows students to access a range of resources and work collaboratively with their teacher. Our interactive lessons allow children to engage with on screen activities, complete worksheets and type during live sessions. Feedback on activities is given instantly.

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