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One to One Tuition – My InTuition

One to One Tuition

One to One Tuition

With the classroom being a busy and fast paced setting, it can often be the case that children do not get the necessary one-to-one attention to encourage individual progress.

As a parent, you may feel unable to help, perhaps by not understanding the expectations of the curriculum or by finding it challenging to work alongside your child.

Personalised tutoring offers children additional support in a relaxed setting, free from the pressures and distractions of the classroom.

Closing gaps

Moving too quickly through key concepts can leave children with gaps in their understanding. Tutoring with InTuition will target these key areas and support your child to achieve their potential.

We use bar models to support the transition from concrete to abstract understanding.

Homework Support

Homework should consolidate and challenge your child in the areas they have covered in class. Without knowing the methods and strategies used, you may find it difficult to offer sufficient support. At InTuition, we use up-to-date methods to ensure consistency when supporting your child with their homework.

Providing Challenge

Problem Solving activities provide appropriate challenges to extend your child’s understanding.

When a child works above their expectations, it is important that they continue to be challenged and stimulated to maintain their motivation. Our tailored lessons will expose your child to more in-depth areas of the curriculum and encourage them to excel.

Confidence and Attitude

A positive mindset and self-belief will enable children to reach their full potential. With our sessions, your child will become more confident in their own ability which will translate directlyto the classroom.

Finding it challenging to know how to explain concepts to your child?

Our carefully designed help sheets guide children through each step of the process, giving them and you a clear understanding of each concept.

Methods and approaches are based on the current national curriculum, providing consistency between the home and classroom.

At InTuition, we rely on building a strong rapport with each family. Understanding each child as an individual, as well as their family dynamic is key to our success. We work flexibly with families to provide lessons that are prepared specifically for their requirements. Our lesson content works alongside the national curriculum, using the most up-to-date methods and strategies.

Where to begin?

With a wide range of options on offer for parents, it can be confusing when deciding where to start. A one-off assessment and consultation with parents is recommended. This enables us to put together a personalised scheme of work, taking into account of the learning style, academic needs and next steps so that lessons can be tailored specifically.

During our consultations with parents we therefore discuss the following: 

  • How we can best support your child;
  • Length of sessions (including feedback time);
  • Frequency of sessions;
  • Format of sessions.

For more specific support with exams, please see exam preparation.

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