One-to-one Session | £35 (per hour)

One-to-one tutoring offers children additional support in a calm and supportive setting, free from the pressures and distractions of the classroom. Working on closing gaps, supporting their curriculum level or wanting your child to excel, lessons are tailored to meet the exact needs of our students. 

Group Session | From £20 (per hour)

Small groups of no more than 6 children, of similar academic ability, working on either curriculum knowledge of exam preparation. 

Includes homework.  

Exam Preparation | £35 (per hour)

Lessons that support your child through any upcoming exams such as ISEBs or 11plus.

These sessions are tailored to support our students through an intense period of studying and revision. We help students in a variety of ways:

Online | £35 (per hour)

Using a combination of Google Drive and Zoom, we offer online sessions. These provide flexibility whilst maintaining the high standards of teaching and learning as our face to face sessions.

Work is uploaded prior to the lesson for students to print or work on screen. Homework is uploaded post lesson.

Initial Assessment | From £100

An thorough academic assessment to understand the child’s current attainment level, identify any gaps and misconceptions. These are carried out using a range of methods such as assessment papers, multiple choice options and carefully scripted questions by an experienced tutor.

Once completed, a formalised report is written giving you clarity over which direction to take next.

Personalised Scheme of Work | From £100

Should gaps arise from the initial assessment, a bespoke scheme of work is created to cover the child’s proposed next steps and get them back on track.

Our schemes of work comprise of lesson plans, help sheets and activities tailored to the learning style of your child.

Note: It is advised that an initial assessment is carried out prior to a scheme of work.

Subscription| From £15 per week

A monthly subscription that provides our students with access to additional homework, gap closing activities and revision material without the face to face session.

Note: It is advised that an assessment is carried out prior to a subscription.

Parent Support | From £50

Sessions led by an experienced teacher and tutor, equipping parents with the skills and knowledge to support their children at home.

Popular with parents considering the 11plus expectations

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