Personalised Schemes of Work

Personalised Schemes of Work

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Using your child’s assessment and proposed next steps, a personalised approach to learning is developed.

Our students are provided with focused and targeted activities to maximise progress and build confidence.

Why opt for a personalised scheme of work?

We take your child’s next steps and develop personalised plans and resources.

At InTuition we understand that every child is different and every child works in their own way.

Learning objectives are selected specifically for the child, allowing them to use their home learning time effectively. 

Activities are planned and prepared to suit the learning style of the child.

We take into account the pace at which the child learns. Ensuring the right level of challenge is maintained whilst the child still feels comfortable and in control of their learning.   

Regular feedback is given to monitor progress, close gaps and challenge the child to achieve their academic potential. 

What is Included?

Our Scheme of Work provides a personalised workbook covering your child’s next steps enable them to maximise progress.

We base our approach on how your child learns best, building their confidence along the way.

You are provided with:

  • An overview
  • Detailed session plans
  • Feedback Log
  • Help Sheets
  • Resources

Our Personalised Schemes of Work start from £150.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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