In a classroom setting, it is becoming more challenging for teachers to accurately assess a child’s attainment and progress on an individual basis. With the ever-increasing pace and demands of the curriculum, teachers are having to work harder to strike a balance between covering the relevant objectives, assessing student progress, and using data to inform planning. Essential building blocks and fundamentals can be brushed over as the teacher works to keep the majority of the children in the class on track.

For parents however, it is vital to understand their child’s position in order to best support them outside the classroom. It can be frustrating when key gaps in their child’s learning are not identified and form barriers to their progress. Without knowing the curriculum expectations, parents can find themselves unsure of where to start.   

What is an Initial Assessment?

An initial assessment is key to supporting your child at home. They provide you with a clear understanding of your child’s current attainment.

As every child is different, assessments with us are carried out on an individual and personalised basis. The approach and resources used will be based on age, confidence and learning style of your child, focusing on the appropriate curriculum objectives and fundamentals.

What does the report include?

  • Objectives covered;
  • Objectives achieved;
  • Child’s current attainment level;
  • Proposed next steps

How does this help my child?

The assessment process can be used a standalone service, to development a personalised plan or to support one-to-one tutoring sessions. With a child making expected progress, assessments are recommended every half term to ensure they are reflective of current performance.

There is a one-off fee for the assessment and formal write up with no obligation to continue with any additional services. 

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